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for a Chicago Bird-Friendly Building Ordinance

Millions of birds migrate through Chicago twice a year every year. Birds have followed the natural corridor of Lake Michigan for thousands of years because it provides valuable habitat for resting and feeding during their long migratory journeys. Most small songbirds migrate at night, and research has shown that urban lighting draws birds into the city.

Once in the city, birds do not recognize glass as a hazard. Instead of a solid barrier, they see an open corridor, or a reflected tree or sky. As buildings use more glass, more of the birds that make it to our city don’t make it out. For tens of thousands of birds every year, their long, difficult migratory journey ends at a Chicago window.

Bird friendly glass products and thoughtful architectural design can reduce bird collisions with windows. San Francisco, Toronto and other cities have enacted bird-friendly building ordinances that save birds’ lives.

Chicago has a proud history of innovation in both architecture and bird safety. Our city launched the first “Lights Out” program in the country, to reduce bird mortality by reducing nighttime building lighting.

It’s time for Chicago to have a Bird-friendly Building Ordinance.

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