Who we are

Members of the Chicago birding community created a working group for the advancement of a bird-friendly building ordinance for the city of Chicago.  Representatives from Chicago Audubon Society, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, Chicago Ornithological Society and Illinois Ornithological Society have formed "Bird Friendly Chicago", an alliance to promote a safer urban environment for birds through improved lighting, landscaping and glass features of buildings. Partner organizations and individuals are invited to join our efforts.

Organizing Group Members

Annette Prince, Chair

Roberta Asher

Kath Gillespie

Carl Giometti

Dan Lory

Chris Michalek

Jill Niland

Judy Pollock

Dave Willard

Chris Williamson

Ted Wolff

Many friends and partners in the Chicago bird conservation, conservation, government and building communities have contributed to our efforts. We particularly thank Jerry Adelmann, Mike Berkshire, Louise Clemency, Donnie Dann, Kathy Dickhut, Aaron Durnbagh, Jeanne Gang, Cathy Geraghty, Katie Kaluzny, Wendy Paulson, Christine Sheppard, Debra Shore, Doug Stotz, Michelle Uting and Karen Weigert for their advice and support.

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